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Pork BBQ

Filipino-style Pork Barbecue is sweet and deeply flavorful. It is a popular street food in the Philippines, with stalls filling the air with smoke and the aroma of grilled meats. A jar of spicy vinegar brimming with chilis provides a free dip for patrons who wish to gobble their barbies on the spot. Enjoy this bento box with delectable grilled pork, steamed rice, pancit bihon and pickled vegetables.

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Pork BBQ


Steamed Rice (Rice, Water), Pancit Bihon (Rice Noodles, Pork Butt, Vegetables, Spices), Grilled Pork BBQ Pork Butt, Brown Sugar, Lemonade powder (sugar, fructose, citric acid, ascorbic acid, natural flavor, soy lecithin, maltodextrin, sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium citrate, magnesium oxide, calcium fumarate, artificial color, yellow 5 lake, tocopherol), Water, Garlic powder, Soy sauce powder, Turmeric powder, Bonito powder (salt, monosodium glutamate, lactose, sugar, dried bonito tuna, disodium inosinate, yeast extract, bonito tuna broth, disodium succinate, bonito tuna extract, xylose, maltose, dextrose), Meat tenderizer (salt, dextrose, papain, silicon dioxide), Sodium tripolyphosphate, Black pepper, Atcharang Labanos (Daikon, Sugar, Vinegar, Carrots, Onion, Salt), Buchi (Vegetable Oil, Glutinous Rice, Red Bean Paste (Azuki Beans, White Sugar, Salt), White Sesame Seeds), Spiced Vinegar (Vinegar, Water, Sugar, Onions, Soy Sauce, Spices, Chili).


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